Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Euro-Skeptic Dresses Down the Euro-Parliament

Only three minutes or so, well worth watching.   HT--Instapundit.


"The Hammer" said...

The Brits may be Europe's last hope. Don't you love the faces of these authoritarian bastards at the end of the speech? God almighty I could just ring their fascist necks. They are so sure they are right, so secure in their indignation, it's like arguing with the Devil-goat. No matter the cost, no matter the pain they cause, no matter the overwhelming evidence, they will never listen. They are stone cold leftists, the invincibly ignorant. As the speaker said, they are dangerous and in my view history has shown the only thing people like this will respond to is violence. Nothing else will move them from their path of destruction. Europe is on the precipice and all these fools can think to do is double down.
Remind you of anyone?

Doc Milnamo said...

A Eurozone pol with balls and it isn't Geert Wilders! Love it.

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