Monday, November 29, 2010

Comment Moderation


I have begun a policy of comment moderation on the site, which means that when you write your comment, I will have to read it and allow it to be posted.

I've taken this step in response to a famous internet spammer who continues to hit the site.  His used to go by "DM" and some of you may have remembered him from his ridiculous rantings a few months ago.  Well, he's back, usually anonymously, and he's trying to spread his momma's basement stupidity here.

So, he'll now have to move on to someone else's blog. For some reason, he considers it a "victory" when bloggers go to comment moderation, inferring that we then no longer have an "open forum".  For his information, this was never an "open forum", as I routinely edit out comments I find not up to the standards of the blog.

Your move, DM, you slimy little Canadian freakshow.


The Conservative Wahoo said...

From DM/Anon-o-douchebag, my first comment to moderate:

"we're going to exterminate you anyways... comment moderation will not save you...."

"anyways". Charming Canuck douchebag, huh?

"The Hammer" said...

We should have declared war on Canada when they banned handguns.

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