Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Radio Show Bleg

Ok folks, what should we talk about tomorrow night on the ole Radio Program?


BigFred said...

-Path forward for the Republicans
-Tea Party in 2012
-Palin: Helps or hurts

"The Hammer" said...

Glenn Beck is doing a show on George Soros today. I've been interested in the evil Doctor ever since his currency manipulations almost crashed the Pound twenty years ago. Everything I have ever heard about this sociopath scares the Hell out of me. This is one of the most dangerous men in the World. He's a completely amoral bastard on a power trip, and he knows the system inside out.
So let's pump a little sunshine up our latter day Professor Moriarty's skirt.

Also, (and oddly enough this ties into the Soros thing) you have to talk about the money supply, the Fed's monetizing the debt and the inevitable inflation. If you need an historical analysis of monetary economics and the fallacy of monetizing our debt with the dollar, I am at your disposal.

BigJohnStud said...

Debt ceiling. Will the GOP support raising it?
Entitlements. Does the GOP have the moral backbone to cut them?
Jim DeMint?
Is Palin a caricature of herself?
Is the fact that we avoiding talking about foreign policy and the war in Afghanistan a concern?
Afghanistan? Trainers, haven't we need 900 more trainers for 2 years now.
Boehner: President sets the agenda. Though the executive has grown in importance, should it remain that way? Is this what the framers had in mind?

Anonymous said...

Missles over Catalina Island

Anonymous said...
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