Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Now He Tells Us

Paul Krugman, writing on Ireland's debt spiral:

"It's hard to escape the sense that European policy makers are just completely out of their depth. They know how to deal with liquidity problems, but they cannot come to grips with the reality that this requires more than buying a bit more time. It's as if we're having the following dialogue:

Ireland really can't afford to pay these debts.

Here's a credit line!

No, really, we just can't afford to pay.

Here's a credit line!

It really is like watching a car wreck."

It really is like watching a car wreck...watching while you steer your own car toward the edge of a 50 foot embankment.


"The Hammer" said...

Somebody should grab Krugman by his Bergdorf-Goodman tie and bitch slap him around the room.

Mudge said...

Good idea, Hammer. Where does the line form?

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