Friday, November 5, 2010

Obama's Arrogance?

Politico's got a story up this morning entitled "President Obama's Arrogance".  Just a little more fuel added to the now blazing inferno of Democrat recrimination following their comeuppance Tuesday night. 

But enough of Obama's arrogance.  What about press arrogance? Better yet, what of press incompetence? What about the fact that the press fell in love with this guy from day one, showered hm with adulation, thoroughly downplayed his utter lack of experience, and now--as his "arrogance" and "inexperience" show themselves to be real factors in his ability to govern--they jump out in front of the band of criticism? 

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"The Hammer" said...

Anybody who thinks Obama will shift to the center is nuts. He doesn't have it in him. There's not going to be any welfare reform like with Clinton. Nothing approaching cooperation will happen. The next two years will be trench warfare. The Dems will dig in and defend their gains. The Republicans must go on the offensive and present proposal after proposal after bill. Obama must be seen as the obstructionist, because somebody will be, and I wonder who's side the MSM will be on?

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