Saturday, November 6, 2010

Olbermann's Suspension

Keith Olbermann is a loathsome creature, chief clown of the left-wing puppetry that is the MSNBC opinion line-up.

That said, his suspension by MSNBC is ridiculous--utterly ridiculous.  To treat Olbermann by the same standards as a "reporter" rather than the opinion-merchant that he is (not that there is a huge difference these days) makes no sense.  He was not paid by Democrats to advocate for them--he paid them!  And the notion that his $7200 somehow outweighed the Kabillions of dollars worth of free advertising his show provided the Democratic Party is just zany.

There must be something else afoot here.  They (MSNBC) must be trying to get rid of him, and this is the first, convenient excuse they could find (a la NPR and Juan Williams).


NavyAustin said...

Could this be some very ham-fisted OPDEC?

Olbermann made his donations 28 October - too late to do any real good, yet the first donations of his life.

The Stewart-Olbermann feud had been brewing for a while, and while Stewart is left, the Sanity/Fear rally promised an "EVERYONE needs to tone down" theme.

Olbermann tweets "Stewart, you've jumped the shark! We're pure, Fox sucks, don't paint us with the same brush"

MSNBC dutifully suspends him, and Rachel Maddow then reports "This proves we're different! We're opinionated, but we're a REAL news organization!"

Seems a bit too scripted, even for this spin doctor.

"The Hammer" said...

I agree, something else is going on. I think maybe he's gone crazy again. By many accounts the guy is emotionally unstable and the election may have brought out the Woody Hayes in him.
I don't know why but I like him much better than Jon Stewart or Bill Maher. Put those two on the hot seat in front of Bill O'Reilly and they squirm like a teenager in traffic court. They're just Hollywood liberals regurgitating Chomsky. Olbermann just seems disturbed...and I like that.

Mudge said...

Some rumors Comcast purchase of NBC may have been at risk if they kept him on. Either way, I like having a clown like Olbermann center ring. Why? Liberals who view themselves as above all of us feel embarrassed and ashamed of him. In short, he pisses off liberals. In my book, that's a trait worth promoting.

Sally said...

His show would have provided lots of free advertising if anyone watched it. The only people watching him are people who support liberal candidates in the first place. That guy doesn't have the power to change anyone's mind.

But I don't think his suspension is ridiculous-they're an idiotic network that I don't think many people take seriously, but they had rules and he broke them.

Maybe they just needed to free up a timeslot for Alan Grayson to host a show.

Dr. Ed Pheuxteux said...

I never like it when the left doctors photos to make a point. We shouldn't do it here either. It takes away from our credibility. Besides, why would you photoshop their tongues out of the picture anyway?

The Conservative Wahoo said...

Ok, ok. No photoshopped photo.

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