Wednesday, July 11, 2012

$100 Billion a Month

Our government under Barack Obama spends $100,000,000,000 a month in borrowed money, month after month after month. Obama's new proposal of leaving the Bush tax cuts in place except for those who make over 250k per year (or as termed by the liberal press a "tax cut" for the middle-class) would generate enough revenue to keep the federal government running for eight and a half days. The world's capital reserves have been nearly sucked dry by the overspending of this administration. Interest rates are kept artificially low so we can service the debt. There is so much monetary mischief going on even if Mitt Romney is elected President along with a Republican majority in the House and a super-majority in the Senate, and they do everything perfectly in terms of fiscal responsibility, we are still headed for at least a global mini-depression...AT BEST! The left has done something it could not achieve legislatively, it has transferred wealth on a scale even they could not have envisioned. But while liberals were attempting to take from the haves and give to the have nots, what they in fact have done is the hard left's bidding and destroyed wealth. They have eaten the seed corn. By the time they're finished there will be little left to build on. If Obama is reelected the hard left will attempt to confiscate personal property and institutional wealth, starting with pension funds. The nationalization of banks and finance will be the inevitable consequence. The debt will be renounced of course, it couldn't possible be repaid anyway. If Obama is reelected, the America we grew up in is dead, and I have come to believe that was their goal from the start. 

For America's crimes, the crimes of capitalism, the crimes of Western imperialism, the crimes of racism and homophobia; America has been sentenced to death. Rehabilitation is not an option. It must be torn down and rebuilt into a classless, economically and socially just society. There is no other way, and anything in pursuit of this goal is not only acceptable but necessary. A World-wide economic catastrophe, the destruction of our way of life and all the travails and suffering that entails is the price we must pay for our sins. 100 billion a month? No big deal, it has to be done.

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Mudge said...

Cloward-Piven, Saul Alinsky, Jermiah Wright, Bill Ayres-->Barak Obama. The ties have been known since he announced his candidacy. What is amazing is how in a supposedly free press, he was able to hide his intentions in plain sight. Meanwhile, the most critical component of the plan is to get rid of that "quaint relic of colonial times" the Second Amendment. Fast and Furious failed (and for want of a truly responsible free press, should have been his political undoing) to produce the proof that guns must be eliminated as a matter of national security but never fear, we've been quietly working with the UN to craft an international gun ban treaty that the US will likely sign this month. Should be interesting watching UN soldiers who can't fight their way out of a lovers' spat trying to disarm anyone south of the Mason Dixon line. Of course, many Dem gun owners will fold at the prospect of a strongly worded statement from the Security Council.

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