Monday, July 23, 2012


According to some left-wing, tapped in liberal publications Obama is about to shift gears. Instead of focusing on taxes and how the wealthy should "pay their fair share" the Obama campaign will make the "most vulnerable" argument. It seems protecting foodstamps and welfare really does the trick with single women and minorities. And since the Bain attacks have done very little good, with the possible exception of Ohio, their reasoning is somethings got to work. They'll try to make the "Ryan budget" the new boogie man and hope like hell Romney names Paul Ryan VP (not going to happen).

So it looks like to get these government dependents to the polls they're going from "it's the economy stupid" to "it's the most vulnerable stupid". This is a tricky argument to counter. Although I think it's the stupid who makes us all vulnerable, I can see my approach might not play that well especially with women voters. Therefore Romney should keep hammering away at the economy saying some programs are necessary but alas overused and burdensome as a result of Obama's ineptitude. Argue these are temporary "safety net" programs, not a way of life. Get the economy up and running, get everybody working is the way to go. And hit Obama hard on the welfare work requirement they just did away with, that's a twofer. One, Obama's overreach ignoring the law and two, doing away with a valuable component of Clinton's welfare reforms. Position Obama as having things ass about face, as usual.


The Conservative Wahoo said...

Hammer--I believe what you are writing, but can you source it?

Mudge said...

Romney should also start with a backhanded compliment to POTUS--"I think President Obama has done a great job getting Americans, especially minority Americans and women, on safety net programs like foodstamps and no-work welfare during his Administration. This is a good thing too, because every single one of his policies for restoring the economy has failed...failed minorities especially. This President is either tone deaf on economics or he has a deliberate plan to keep minorities on social welfare for as long as the United States can exist in a failed economic model that so many others have tried and at which they have ALL failed. We tried something like that--targetted largely at minorities-- for 30 years in this country and it failed miserably--in fact, it kept a generation of minorities out of the economic mainstream, lost in hopeless schools, city tenaments and behind an economic iron curtain. I'm not going to do that if I am President. I would rather see ALL Americans be able to reach for the American dream, not reach for a government bureaucrat who tells them "here is your pitifully small little share of America's wealth and if you keep doing absolutely nothing but voting for us you won't ever have to experience the vitalizing satisfaction of having accomplished something as a free citizen of the United States of America. You won't have to experience the validation of having built something either--something President Obama says no one can do in America. Tell me...what kind of leader tells the people who chose him to lead their country..what kind of leader says "you can't do what you think you can"...can anyone imagine Winston Churchill saying that to Great Britain as the German Luftwaffe bombed British ports and cities? How about a CEO of a company that employs you? A high school football coach? It's inexplicable how ANYONE with ANY leadership qualities at all could EVER say "you can't do what you think you can do." I used to think his "Yes We Can" slogan actually meant something. But it has been clear for the last 4 years that it meant as much as his other campaign promises: in reality it meant "No You Can't." You see folks, you have a very VERY clear choice this election. If you want more foodstamps and less ability to live your life for yourself--if you prefer following the way someone who looks at you as small and weak tells you to go as opposed to making your OWN way with your own free life--then please, vote for Mr Obama. But if you want to forge your own path in life and create your own legacy, then I'll be honored to lead you in that journey, in that pursuit of happiness." Thanks.

"The Hammer" said...

CW you believe what I write? Are you nuts?

Anyhow, I think it was HuffPo and New Republic.

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