Monday, July 30, 2012

Quite Simply, The Most Ridiculous Apologia for Obama I Have Seen

Read this.  It is really quite breathtaking.  In it, a professor at Emory University (combined tuition/room and board $54K) explains why Obama might lose.  The reason?  He tried to be too bipartisan.  Really; that's the argument.  Oh--and also that his policies weren't liberal enough.  Apparently, he's made basically the same argument before, and he was eviscerated for writing that claptrap by lefty pundit Jonathan Chait. 

My heart aches for parents paying to fatten this tenure-protected imbecile. 

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Mudge said...

"The GOP had just decimated the economy and had been repudiated by voters to such an extent that few Americans wanted to admit that they were registered Republicans. Yet Obama, with his penchant for unilateral bipartisanship, refused to speak ill of what they had done."

When I am really, REALLY tired, and I try to write something, I'll occasionally surprise myself with the non-sensical incoherence of what I write. I think that's all that has happened here. The professor/author just needs some sleep. And fewer mind-altering drugs. And less time in the Emory echo chamber of liberal arts.

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