Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Trouble with the Republicans

Doing a bit of paperwork (you know that "earning a living" stuff that keeps me in H. Upmanns, Carolina Pale Ale and Jalapeño Cheetos) while watching "This Week" with George Stephanosaurus. Same old same old but Mathew Dowd said something that really got under my collar. He said that Romney's message was kind of old and worn out. Tax cuts, cutting spending, fiscal responsibility was from 25 years ago and most folks don't think that approach will help them.

Ok fine IF YOU'RE A DEMOCRAT! But this chump is supposed to be a Republican! Furthermore, since when did good government and living within our means become old and stale? Are we to believe that tax and spend and borrowing 40¢ out of every dollar is somehow fresh and new? Every read a history book Mr. Dowd? By the way, have the laws of physics changed? Is water still two atoms of hydrogen with one of oxygen or is that some tired theory from the past that just doesn't play that well with, I grant you, possibly the dumbest electorate in the history of this country?

Instead of making absurd pronouncements to ingratiate himself with network lefties this clown should be educating the voters. Most weren't around for the devastation of the sixties and seventies. Most know nothing of how the Democrats nearly ruined the country and how Reagan saved us, if they did they could easily see history repeating itself. But with those absurd public school educations they can at least be forgiven their ignorance. But not you Mr. Dowd. You're just ABC's Republican stooge.

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