Saturday, July 7, 2012

We're Over $9K for Mitt!

Received a wonderful donation today from the smartest guy in my Middle School (damn him!) class; he moved away before he could REALLY drive me into the dirt, much to my fragile ego's delight.

We're over $9K now and rapidly moving in on my goal of $20K.  Keep up the great work, folks.

By the way--don't let the press stories get you down--there's a lot of time left, there is a lot of campaigning to be done, and the Romney Campaign is by all appearances, pretty strategically adept. 

Add to this the nature of political reporting (a.k.a.  "fight promotion"), and you get a real sense of the need for the press to make stories that simply aren't supportable.

To make your donation, click this link and don't forget to check the block that says you know your referrer!

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