Monday, July 2, 2012

Two More Donors for Romney for President!

An Extraordinary Gentleman from the District of Columbia and a Romney fan from the vital State of Florida contributed to the campaign this weekend, nudging us ever closer to the half-way mark of $10,000.  My Dear Ol' Dad wrote a check over the weekend too, but his contribution won't be counted until the campaign cashes the check and loops back to me. 

The Obama Administration is doing its best to say that the mandate is not a tax, even though the Supremes say that it is.  Funny how our Constitutional Scholar in Chief can't get this through his noggin. 

Won't you consider a contribution?  We've got President Obama on the run, but there are four long months of campaigning left to go. 

Click this link to make your donation, and don't forget to check the block that states you know your referrer!

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