Monday, July 16, 2012

President Obama Commits to Collectivism

Please watch this video.  Please share this with your Democrat and liberal (but I repeat) friends. 

Here we have before us the theory of the case; Barack Obama is attempting to turn hundreds of years of American history on its ear, trying to convince us that the rugged individualist, the entrepreneur, the men and women with dreams who acted on them--really aren't important, that the roads and bridges and internets and schools that government creates are the IMPORTANT things.

Only problem Mr. President?  How do you explain the millions and millions of people who had all the same "help" afforded them?  If the key part of this equation is the "enablers" that you hang your hat on, why is it that we have so FEW men and women of vision and success?  Shouldn't we have Steve Jobs and Bill Gates types falling out of our ears?  Shouldn't Henry Fords and Thomas Edisons and Edward Lands have been EVERYWHERE? 

But they weren't--and they weren't because what REALLY matters is the individual.  The dream. The drive. The hard work. 

The President is serving up a thin gruel of populist porridge, one designed to ensure his undereducated, under-married, underachieving and over-receiving voters have reason to cheer.  "They're not special" should be the theme of this campaign of envy.  This is a disgusting speech, and this man must be defeated.

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