Saturday, July 7, 2012

Now EVERYTHING is Free (sorta)!

Cyndi Lauper is pumped! You see Cyndi lives in a rent controlled apartment in New York City. She had been paying about thirty two hundred to live in her "rent stabilized" Manhattan apartment (New Yorkers hate the word 'control', sounds way too Republican). Anyway, the actual market value of said apartment is about 10k, so not a bad deal right? WRONG you provincial hayseed hick. In fact, Ms. Lauper was so outraged by the boorish demands of her landlord she took him to court seeking rent reduction to a much more manageable $508.00. Well, as you might imagine when all this got before one of New York's famously prudent and level-headed jurists, he was not about to be intimidated by the World Famous, International Superstar Lauper (catch her at the Brighton Bar, Long Branch, N.J. Aug. 17th-19th). So they compromised. The new rent would be $989.00. Take THAT you famous person you!

Unfortunately for property owners in the Empire State, Ms. Lauper is not the exception. There are lots of well-heeled people enjoying the benefits of rent control, like Mia Farrow (11 room Central Park West apartment $2500/mth.), Carly Simon, Gloria Steinem and on and on. And to be fair not all are rich or famous. The NY Post did a story recently on a couple of guys paying $71.23 and $54.46 for apartments in SoHO; both were old as Methuselah and lived there for decades. But the rich get more than their fair share. The median income of tenants in these rent regulated apartments is nearly twice the average, and the "hardest hit" areas (Central Park, SoHo etc.) are almost all lily white.

The point I wish to make here is that if the government controls the trough, the first at the trough will be the elite. Does anyone think for one minute THESE PEOPLE will be standing in line for cancer treatment? Do you think THESE PEOPLE will mind if you pay for their free ride, so long as they get what they want and need? They don't mind eating government cheese, so long as they get it first and they get to choose the cheese.

These people are the true 1%'ers. They do want to transfer wealth from your pocket to theirs, even though they have more. They are taking advantage of the system to the detriment of all, and they couldn't care less. And they are ALL DEMOCRATS!


Mudge said...

Actually, I hope rents continue to dive in NYC and surroundings by whatever means so the whole lot of those who left there to come to the Eastern shore will be drawn to move back north again. Christ! They come down here to rural Virginia (and rural other places) and immediately start trying to change it into the city. And one of their first observations is: "Our property taxes are too low here." I kid you not. "We could get a lot more services if we just raise our property taxes," they say. My response is "we could keep our property taxes where they are if you just raise your latitude." Most of them look at me like I have ten heads. And damned near every one of them is a lib. Oh, and Lauper is a freakshow. Coincidentally, she was on NPR this week talking about her halfway house for teenage transgenders. Is this really a pressing issue? Maybe that's why she needed her rent dropped so she could pack all one of them on the planet into her taxpayer-subsidized flat.

"The Hammer" said...

What is really galling is not many but most of these people in rent controlled apartments have houses in The Hamptons, Palm Beach, Martha's Vineyard etc. And unlike some uneducated welfare queen these scumbags know better. They are unashamedly using their status to force others to subsidize their extravagant lifestyles. They are truly the most despicable, hypocritical life-forms on this planet. I honestly don't know how they live with themselves. There's a level of Hell for people like this, I'm thinking maybe just above child molesters and just below people who take up two spaces in stadium parking lots.

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