Friday, July 20, 2012

It's Friday; Have You Made Your CW for Romney Donation Today?

It looks like this was a pretty good week; Mitt's gone on the offensive using the President's own words against him and the results have been encouraging.  It was fun to watch the President's supporters and the mainstream media (but I repeat myself) trying to backtrack and diagram his sentences, all the while not realizing the extent to which the sentence structure wasn't the issue.  Hammer put it well in his post--there is a very clear distinction in this election.   Will you help make that distinction clearer to more people?  We're outraising the President--but much of that money can't be spent until after the election (ridiculous rules), so the President (who had not primary opponent, save for a felon serving time in West Virginia) is out there outspending us 4 to 1 in some vital places.

Won't you help build the war-chest, so that after the convention we can conduct a sixty day blitz?  Keep in mind, by that time, the President will have dissipated his funds---he'll be in a cash poor position.  What you give now will help drive home this election.

Plus, you have the chance of being making the 50th donation, which is only one away!  Click here to make your donation, and don't forget to check the block saying you know your referrer. 

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"The Hammer" said...

Great letter in the N&O today. I used to write tons of letters, so many in fact I started using family members names to avoid the limits. But I started thinking, why am I helping prop up this mullet-wrapping, yellow-journalism rag with my insightful musings? Anyway, good letter.

With all of the Democratic complaints about Mitt Romney’s tax returns and foreign income, I did a little research myself. It turns out that on President Obama’s 2009 tax return, we find on Line 3(f) of Form 1116, Foreign Tax Credit, that over 26 percent ($1,617,268) of the president’s gross income was foreign source income. The 2010 return shows over 41 percent ($820,751) was foreign source income, and the 2011 return has over 30 percent ($269,710) as foreign source income.

Before I start getting the hate mail, let me be clear that I am not suggesting that there is anything illegal going on. I like to have some proof before accusing people of felonies.

What does concern me is that while Obama has been president, over 30 percent of his income has been from foreign sources.

The other concern is that, with all the attention that the Washington Post, MSNBC and others have paid to one candidate’s finances, it takes some good ol’ boy from Fuquay to very easily retrieve information about the other candidate.

Democratic hypocrisy is so easy to find that it almost takes the fun out of pointing it out.

Bob Jenkins


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