Sunday, July 1, 2012

The CW Clan Gathers!

It is late Sunday night, and I will rise early for the six hour drive from where I am tonight (Manteo, Outer Banks, NC) to where my meetings are tomorrow (Northern Virginia).  I spent the day here with my friend Peter Johnstone, founder of Gunboat Performance Catamarans (check out his website--be sure to watch the videos)--a master boatbuilder and a straight up good guy.  He just opened a new building yard here in Manteo, and I slipped over after a big family function yesterday to see the yard for myself.  He closed down a building yard he ran in South Africa and moved the jobs back here to the US...and he says he thinks there will be more of that in the future.  Let's hope so.

The reason for my being in North Carolina in the first place was a party hosted by oldest brother Jim and his wife Debbie to celebrate their daughter Meaghan's graduation from college. A great time was had by all, and the occasion was notable for having been the first time my entire immediate family has been together in some time.  Very good to see everyone and very proud of Meaghan.  Anyone looking for a recent Environmental Engineering graduate should drop me a note.

Another highlight of this swing was dinner Friday night with the Hammer, Mrs. Hammer and Little Hammer.  We met ostensibly in payment for a UVA basketball loss last Winter, but as with my previous dinner with the Hammer, no bet repayment would have been necessary, as the conversation was lively and engaging. 

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"The Hammer" said...

Wonderful looking clan.

Also it should please you to know the local Tickbiteittes were so impressed by your intellect, calm fortitude and moderate behavior in the presence of such a notorious drunken loudmouthed troublemaker that they have proclaimed July 29th. "Conservative Wahoo Day" forevermore. And they were wondering if you would consider being Grand Marshall at the annual "Run of the Ticks" Festival held in late July?

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