Saturday, July 7, 2012

Biden: Private Sector = "So-Called Job Creators"

Folks, any of you who haven't made up your minds about who you think our next President ought to be need to get your act in gear.  There is nothing remotely alike about the two men running, so an inability to choose between the two really is just an excuse for being too lazy to make up your mind.

Here's an example.  Our Vice President, in a speech in which he argues for MORE GOVERNMENT SPENDING, sneers at free enterprise and the American private sector, referring here to "so-called job creators". 

That's right, undecided people.  The Vice President of the United States seems perfectly comfortable casting doubt about the fundamental engine of our economy, relying instead on his misplaced sense of the centrality of government in the recovery of our economy.

This is what happens when you've been on the public dole for forty years, as Joe has.

Again people--how can you possibly not choose between Obama and Romney?


Mudge said...

Speaking of our illustrious VPOTUS, here's a personal note he sent me today:

"Election Day will be here in less than four months. And we're facing a big problem right now that could directly affect the outcome that day.

The Romney campaign and the Republicans raised $100 million in the month of June alone. That is a massive sum.

Just wait until they start spending all that money in full force in key states we need to win.

Folks, here is the simple reality: Building this campaign today is more important than it was a few days ago. We can still win even while getting outraised by these guys. But we've got to keep it close.

That means none of us -- not one -- can wait to make a difference right now, with whatever we can afford to chip in:

A little incentive: A donation before midnight tonight will also automatically enter you for the chance to sit down with me for a cup of coffee sometime soon. We'll fly you out, and you can bring a guest.

And really -- thanks, for whatever you're able to give today.


These guys are in BIG trouble and even Joe Biden knows it. I'm going to split screen CNN and MSNBC on the evening of 6 Nov just so I can watch their astonishment at the shellacking their superstar takes.

Ed note: for all the handwringing of the left about the Super PACs and Citizens United ruling--to date, according to the Federal Election Commission, the spending on attack ads by Obama-supporting Super PACs has exceeded those of Romney-supporint Super PACs by at least 2 to 1. (see

"The Hammer" said...

I actually thought they may dump Biden there for a while. I'm so glad they decided to keep him on. What a tremendous asset.

Tubby said...

Is your buddy Bobby one of his speech writers?

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