Saturday, August 4, 2012

OK, What's Going On?

Here's the situation as I see it. Obama's team have a problem. Almost all the advantages of '08 are gone, finito bandito, history, in the rear-view, over and done with...FRIGGIN' GONE! In '08 the ground was fertile for a Democrat. The press had hounded GWB mercilessly and he cooperated by not fighting back (just like his daddy). He was "old school", yesterdays news, button-down boring, so America was ready for "change". Along comes a black, post-racial, hip, cool kinda guy who hit the perfect note for the times. His persona and personality were overwhelming. AND he had the perfect candidate to run against; a '60 retread "war hero" (please!) who had been around forever, so Obama was elected in a landslide. Easy as pissing it was, only one problem, he was the least qualified, least experienced, least prepared candidate in the field... and now he had to deliver.

Fast forward to 2012. Your guy has made a dog's breakfast of the economy. The stuff he has accomplished is highly unpopular and things ain't getting better any time soon. Plus, he has almost none of the advantages he had in '08. The mainstream media, Hollywood and academia are still onboard, but they aren't enough by themselves. What to do? How do we dupe the white middle-class (at least to the tune of 40-45%) one more time?

No choice really, we have to use the Harry Reid model. A little background: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is an asshole. He made his bones (sorry, too many gangster movies lately) in Nevada politics as head of the Nevada Gaming Commission (no small feat) and later as Nevada's only representative in the House (they got two now). After one term he ran for Senate as the establishment's hand picked boy in Washington. So he works his way up and next thing you know he's the top dog in the Senate. Before long he made new friends and screw the gaming industry, ranchers and mining folks who put him in office. He's like ZZ top, he's "Nationwide" and you couldn't tell his squat. Everybody hates him but he's no fool and he's tapped in to tons of out of state money so when he gets hit by the Tea Party in 2010 he's ready. He brings in the A-team and they run a "I might not be perfect but this bitch is crazy" campaign against Sharon Angle. Plus he's passes out loads of cash for the "ground game". Every SEIU dishwasher, every illegal beaner busing tables and every "journalist" gets a little "walking around" money. Presto chango, Reid is re-elected. This, Damen und Herren is the Obama strategy.

Will it work? Not a chance in hell. Romney is a straight laced Mormon with no skeletons in the closet (unlike some some redneck bloggers I could mention) and he's running a "let's get back to normal" campaign. The Chicago crowd is throwing everything at him and up to this point, absolutely nothing is sticking. As with most cons, when the mark gets wise nothing will work and the American people have had enough. Obama is finished! Romney need do nothing but coast home. This will be a bloodbath election for the Democrats and unless Romney does something stupid, which I think is highly unlikely, the die is cast. It's over.


Tom de Plume said...

I hear that the teacher's unions in Nevada used to deliver third grade boys to Harry Reid's house for weekend sex orgies.

Anonymous said...

"Beaner?" I recommend that you rephrase that.

Anonymous said...

One day, when CW is running for something or being vetted for a position, Hammer's racist comments as guest blogger will bite CW on the ass. Then again, as a redneck, he can't help it.

"The Hammer" said...

Piss off White Boy!

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