Monday, October 1, 2012

CW for Romney Nears $19K--Will You Put Us Over The Top?

CW for Romney received another generous donation yesterday from my favorite helicopter pilot and Maryland Grandee.  We are $74 from $19K---will you put us over the top?

Wednesday night is the first debate, a chance for all America to see Mitt Romney stand up to Barack Obama.  This is where the election turns.  After months and months of campaigning, Mitt is within striking distance of a popular President with a tough voting coalition behind him.  This is winnable, and we will win.

But now is not the time to let up.  Huge amounts of money will be spent in this last full month of the election to bring swing voters in battleground states our way.  Please, please consider a donation, or another donation.

Please click this link to the CW for Romney Fund.  It is essential that you check the box that says you know your referrer, and that when you do so, it brings up two boxes, one with "INT 2012" in it, and the other with the number "4847" in it.  If they aren't there, please type them in.  That's how the blog gets credit.

UPDATE:  Thanks to my favorite second brother for the $73 donation.  One....dollar...short....of ...$19K....

UPDATE to UPDATE:  Sally just chipped in $2 to put us over!


"The Hammer" said...

You doing the live thing for the debate? I plan to be drunk just in case.

Capitolism said...

You twisted my should be above $19K now.

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