Sunday, September 30, 2012

College Football Hammaramathon: Week 5

    This game was on one of the more obscure channels on satellite last evening. As you can see it was played in standing water on artificial turf, not the best conditions imaginable. But I like to see this kind of stuff, football has become so pussified these last few years, and I'm sure Ray Nitschke would agree with me.
    Anyway to the business at hand. No big surprises this week. Northwestern is 5-0 having beaten Indiana yesterday; isn't that special? The Virginia X's nemesis Va. Tech is looking shaky having lost to Cincinnati, Pitt and barely beating a rotten Georgia Tech squad. I'm sure CW is pumped especially since the X had a magnificent but ultimately futile effort against a powerful La. Tech (gave up 35 unanswered points). When the X take to the gridiron against the Hokies this year maybe we'll actually get a game. One can only hope.
    The most entertaining league (ACC) game was NC State and Miami down in Miami Gardens. Entertaining as in watching a house burn down sorta way. NC State gave up 23 points in four minutes and fumbled like a one armed Chuck Muncie. How the Pack was even in the game (final 44-37) is beyond me. But, as usual the cry of WolfPack Nation is "well if we beat Carolina...". We get Florida State next week, can't wait.
    For PURE defensive incompetence we must travel to Morgantown, WV where the Mountaineers and Baylor scored a combined 133 points. WVU quarterback Geno Smith threw 8 touchdown passes for 656 yards with a .834 completion percentage. Good Lord these are xBox numbers, and what really stinks is Baylor did nearly as well. This is just pathetic. If I were coaching these teams I would have fired my defensive coordinator at halftime.
    Boise State (my west of the Miss. favorite) had a surprisingly tough time with New Mexico, Arkansas got whipped again (tough year for the Razorbacks) and Bama phoned one in against Ole Miss. My next county over, close enough, kinda, sorta, hometown team the ECU Pirates thumped The University of Texas at El Intercepted Paso 28-18 in Greenville (hot dumb women, the FSU of NC).  All in all no great shockers.
    I don't know about you but I just can't get used to all this shuffling in these mega-conferences. Nebraska in the Big Ten? Missouri in the SEC? Boston College in the ACC? It's just too much. I'm not necessarily opposed to change or expansion but there has to be a vision other than everybody else is doing it and we don't want to get left behind. But it's all about the money these days.


The Conservative Wahoo said...

UVA lost, my friend.

"The Hammer" said...

Wow, they sure did. Last I looked UVA was up 24-10. Gee, I guess I better check the highlight reel a little more closely. Looks like I'm doing a bit of editing.

Mudge said...

If you ever apply for a job at the NY Times as Chief Fact Checker, make sure you include that one in your resume. You'll be a shoe-in.

"The Hammer" said...

Mr. Mudge:
Even the best throw an interception now and again. I really didn't think to look at the Va/La. Tech score, I couldn't imagine they would lose at home being up by 14. And I wouldn't work for the NY Times in any capacity. We do have our standards in Tickbite you know.
The Hammer

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