Friday, September 4, 2015

Let's Play DEMOCRAT Roulette. When WE Lose We Pay Nothing, When YOU lose, YOU Pay Double.


JB said...

. . . and by the way, the jailed Kentucky clerk is a Democrat!

Mudge said...

For the sake of the nation, the next president and attorney general had better sweep up every single one of those involved in the aforementioned government employee crimes and prosecute them fully. We have a government that has made itself fully unaccountable--and I blame the GoP for ignoring their Constitutional authorities (and oaths of office) for allowing it--and we've grown a generation of government employees that fully believe they can do as they please. That has to turn around or we are done. Putting the perpetrators of your list of government wrongdoings will send a message to the rest of those tyrannical criminals-in-waiting that they'd better damned well watch their asses.

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