Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Agenda For Tonight's Radio Show

Here's the working agenda for tonight's Conservative Wahoo Live! internet radio show at 8PM:
 Call in at (347) 637-2203 to join the fun!

  • Will Hillary Clinton mount a primary battle in 2012?
  • Spy News
         --    Russian swap
         --    Iranian nuclear scientist
  • Conservative approaches to debt
         --    Eliminate the home mortgage deduction
         --    Means test social security/medicare
  • Why this recession is not as bad as people think
  • Jesse Jackson and Lebron James
         --    James as “runaway slave”
  •  Racism in the African American community


"The Hammer" said...

Gee I am completely out to lunch. I thought it was last night. I need a vacation.

"The Hammer" said...

We touched on race last night and a comment was made by the beautiful, erudite, silken voiced Big Fred. No actually it was Laura. She said she was afraid to discuss race. And in my opinion for good reason. One wrong move and one runs the risk of being called a racist. Jesus it's like being called a heretic in the Dark Ages or a witch in Salem or straight at a Santa Fe arts fair.
I do not suffer from this fear and I welcome the opportunity to defend myself and put the lie to such slander.
It's my view that just about everyone is racist to one degree or another. We are not a color blind society nor should we be. But in the eyes of the law, if the equal protection clause means anything, we should be. If one race is favored over any other for any reason we are lost.

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