Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Summer's Drive

Drove down to Clayton, NC and back this weekend to be present for my sainted Mother's 75th Birthday.  As the ONLY out of state brother in attendance, my "Favorite Son" title remains out of reach (GG, TDP, SS take note). 

I got underway from Clayton this morning at 0730.  The vast majority of the NC portion of the trip is roughly 70 miles on US95 North--where the speed limit is a pleasant 70.  Between my onramp to 95 and the VA/NC border, I saw no police cars--nada, zero, zilch, null.  Between the Virginia border and my crossing the Potomac into Maryland on 495 I saw 15 cop cars!  The heat was out in the Old Dominion with a vengeance today--so I kept with the flow of traffic.

I do have another issue though--it's probably not enough to get on the "pet peeve" list, but when a cop has someone pulled over and is walking to or from the unlucky lawbreaker--THERE IS NO REASON TO SLOW DOWN.  The Cop is not in a position to operate his gear.  There were several times today where nervous nellies slowed to 55 as they passed--with really no reason.

I have an observation, or a question, really. At driving school, or in driver's ed class--do they tell women drivers that they are not allowed to look over at the car passing them?  I'm amazed at the road discipline of your average female driver--whilst my own head is apparently on some kins of weird swivel.  But that's just me.


Doc Milnamo said...

I'm not sure of the laws in VA concerning passing a cop who has someone pulled over, but in NC the law states you must either:

a) slow down, or
b) move over one lane

Most times it isn't practical (nor safe) to move over a lane. Maybe VA has a similar law?

I'm Just Musing said...

MA also has the same law. But what really gets me is when the cop is on the other side of a divided highway and the people slow down.
As some one who drives for a living don't get me started.

Robert Thorn said...

I have several women friends who have recounted tales of making the mistake of glancing at a nearby car only to catch some guy roughing up his suspect - apparently for the lady's benefit.

The Conservative Wahoo said...

"Roughing up his suspect" Nice.

The Conservative Wahoo said...

Doc--I get moving over--I'm talking about the folks in the left lane with no one else around (except me behind them). Slow down? How much? How does that get measured?

SamShapiro said...

I traveled NJ through VA for the past 7 years. Only in VA would I slow down after seeing someone pulled. Reason, those 14 other cops you saw. It always seemed that in VA, on 95, if you saw one, chances are another is right up the road.

MD cops on 95 always hid on the downside of a hill. DE just past the tolls and NJ, just about everywhere.

Doc Milnamo said...

CW - If the Officer and the unfortunate are on the right shoulder, there is no reason for those in the left lane of a multilane interstate to slow down - your angst is indeed correct.

IJM - What you describe, makes my hair hurt when I witness it.

Doc Milnamo said...

Sam Shapiro - For the NJ State Troopers on the NJTP (at least heading north from MM 0 thru Exit 9) they seem to have a love for the plain white van on the overpasses, with chase cars up ahead. At least that was my experience from 1982 - 1987 traveling between exit 4 and 8A.

"The Hammer" said...

You went right by JR's. Did you stop and get some stogies?

SamShapiro said...

Doc, now the NJ Troopers use the overpasses that are for DOT vehicles, so they come screaming in like death. The good thing is that they park in the same places all the time so if you travel it enough, you can keep a record.

Oh yeah, MD Troopers use Camaros too.

Mudge said...

Interesting ethical dilemma you raise there, CW. If there is no way for the law enforcer to acertain your adherence to the law, why bother adhering? You've been living in the People's Republic of Md too long. It's starting to rub off.

But I will absolutely side with all of you when the people instantly hit their brakes upon seeing a police officer--even when doing under the speed limit. Why is that? I go out of my way NOT to hit the brakes. Of course, that takes me back to the beginning of this discussion. I'm already observing the speed limit. And in one of CW's detested pick up trucks no less.

Doc Milnamo said...

Oh, the CW detests pickup trucks does he?

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