Saturday, July 3, 2010

"Que el Sol Brille En" (Press 1: "Let the Sunshine In")

On this beautiful sunny morn, as I sit down to my computer, I have a personal weekend address from my President that says in essence,

"Hey Mudge, I'm going to take some (more) of your money and commit it to a Spanish solar company called Abengoa SA to help the US lead the solar industry. Along with Hammer's money and CW's and Doc Milnamo's and GG's and Sally's and Robert Thorn's and even GoHP's, we'll just bundle up about dos millionos dollaros and make sure the US leads the solar industry by inviting a Spanish company to lead it. And we're doing this at the same time that Spain, who foolishly fails to understand the Krugmanian economic philosophy of spending more when you have less, is actually CUTTING their subsidies to their own company! And get this, Mudge, I will be creating y-o-bs in Arizona for the oppressed masses whose only documentation is a Tennessee driver's license and a DNC voter registration card! If we're lucky, we may even get a Solar Workers Union out of it!"

Shoot, there goes my nice sunny day. While I was typing this a bunch of dark clouds moved in.

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Sally said...

Someone needs to figure out how much each new job Obama is creating (and savings) is costing us.

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