Sunday, July 25, 2010

Maureen Dowd Throws Fuel on the Race Fire

As we all know, Maureen Dowd is a vapid, shrill, talentless, Pulitzer Prize winner.  Read this Op-Ed, and try not to shake your head in disgust.  Is there any point to reading her writing anymore, except to note its pointlessness? 


Anonymous said...

I'm not a fan of hers, but wow... you don't understand, or at least appreciate her points, seriously?

The Conservative Wahoo said...

Well Anon--since you brought it up, what are her points?

That the single most race conscious administration in the history of the Republic is insufficiently race conscious?

That BHO and Valerie Jarrett are inauthentically black and not attuned to "the slave thing", as if there is such a thing?

That BOH's lack of movement on development in Africa is a sign of his wishiwashiness on race, and not a sign of a reasonable political instinct that tells him pushing it in hard times is mistaken?

No--I do not appreciate her points.

"The Hammer" said...

Well I do have to give the old slag credit, she does have one point right. Obama is not culturally "black". What I mean is Southern culture and what one might term "black" culture are very similar. Culturally speaking, Clinton (and me) are a helluva lot blacker than Barrack Obama.
I'm constantly amazed at some of our Northern friends ignorance about black folks. I think they all lived in little enclaves of Irish or Italian or Polish neighborhoods and that's what they know. And that's all they know. Furthermore what's particularly annoying is they've bought into all these racists myths and stereotypes that have very little basis in reality. You can't attack a problem if you don't understand the problem and that's why many whites just don't want to know. The subject of race is a minefield to be avoided at all costs.

The Conservative Wahoo said...

So Hammer--what if I accept this "black as southern" culture theory--and then say that it is the CULTURE that is holding them back? Is that racist? Do I misunderstand?

"The Hammer" said...

You know I can get into this but it's a subject that doesn't lend itself to one or two paragraphs. But I will say this, every culture has it's own peccadillos.

For example the Irish don't respect time, Italians don't respect traffic laws and Rednecks don't respect Yankee women (way too easy). Of course Yankees don't respect Southern culture in general but that's a whole other chapter.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, we are all racist to one degree or another and I mean you, you and especially you! But from a public policy standpoint and in the eyes of the law race must not matter.

So CW just devote one of your podcasts to race and I'll give you my views on why American blacks are culturally predisposed to failure, why the Irish are all drunks and why Germans have the best bar entertainment this side of Bangkok.

BigFred said...

Oh Hammer. now you have done it. First off, being of mostly Irish descent, with a little Belgian thrown in for color and beer brewing, where did you ever get the idea that the Irish we late/tardy? The adult males in my family have never been late to anything, ever. The adult males in my family either wear Longiens, or Rolexes. Having swam a mile in the open ocean, I know what a "second" is.

Want to know why no one respects southern culture? Corn pone, sweet potato pie, and grits. And you people talk like you have a speech impediment. What culture? Like Intruder in the Dust? Rock your clock back to 1862 and ask yourself this question: The flag that flies over Richmond VA today, does it look a lot like the flag that flies over Milwaukee, Wisconsin today, or something else? How did that come to pass? Gettysburg, bitches. Gettysburg. How is that cotton working out for you now, Eli Whitney?

Want to know why else we do not respect the South? Think of the great art, philosophy, industry, mathematics, and inventions that have improved the world and made life better. They were for the most part invented by old white men who lived in places where it snows. Want to know why? Because where it is cold you must improve your lot in life or freeze to death. Conversely, you can sip your corn liquor on your sun baked front porch, and wait for the Yankees to invent rope, cast iron, the steam engine and the submarine. Do a Wolfram Alpha search on "Nobel Peace Prize Winner by Climate Zone", and no fair using Obama to skew the results.

"The Hammer" said...

Go get 'em BigFred. Man you nailed us!
Pass the shine Daisy Mae...and I told you before, take that damn bra off!

"The Hammer" said...

The Hammer's self-help test for racists, bigots and aspiring Klansmen.

1) You just moved to a new town and would like to go to a sports bar on Sat. to see the big game. You decide too...

a. try the sports bar near work with the sign out front saying "Tues. free pigs feet" and Olde English 800 on tap.
b. check out a palm bar you found online that gives free prizes for "amateur cabaret Fridays".
c. go to Applebees and drink buck twenty five draft Budweisers and watch the game on a 19" low-def Trinitron (when the barkeep moves his ass).
d. stay home, watch the game on TV alone and take a percocet left over from your wisdom teeth extraction last March.

Grade yourself.

Guido Tardiono said...

Hi guys, sorry I'm late to this discussion but I'm Italian.

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