Saturday, July 31, 2010

Michael Barone Suspects Bias at WaPost

For treating recent stories of impropriety among Republican and Democratic donors differently.  I report, you decide.


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"The Hammer" said...

Shocking it is. Reminds me of the N&O's handling of a story recently about two UNC football players who had unauthorized contact with a sports agent. They ran the story of course...once. Then they harped all week on a University of South Carolina player (singular) who was accused of the same offense. A South Carolina player! An out of state out of league team which no one in Raleigh gives a flying shit about.
Here's the thing. Carolina and Chapel Hill in particular are considered enlightened liberal enclaves to be protected at all costs. The sports page is no exception. The N&O columnists and beat writers adore Carolina. Sometimes, and I'm not kidding, their columns are borderline homoerotic, e.g. "long flowing golden locks" which was how UNC's placekicker was described a few years ago. I was expecting the guy to say he has a nice tight little bum as well.
One more blatant example and I'll shut up. Wake Forest won the NCAA Championship in soccer in Cary a couple of years ago. What was on the front page? A mid-year graduation photo at UNC with all Carolina blue gowns.

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