Saturday, July 31, 2010

T-Paw's Got a Video

Serious, straightforward, uninspiring.  Is this a winning formula?


Sally said...

I kind of like it. His youth may not compete with the 'raised by a single mother on food stamps' narrative but it had its hardships and I think it makes him more interesting. I do question using Michelle Bachman in there. You're right he's not terribly inspiring, but we don't need inspiring, we need competent.

I missed the radio show where you were going to talk about your impressions of meeting him. Were they positive?

Anonymous said...

Actually I thought it was OK too. Does he need Charisma? Yes. Would it be nice if he were a great orator like Newt or Reagan? Yes. Does he need a plan? NO. He has one. Face it, anything beats what we have in the White House on substance. What we have here is something POSITIVE...there's plenty of negative happening. But the smear machine in the DNC probably has something brewing....

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