Friday, July 30, 2010

Klein v Ryan On The Economy

Lefty blogger Ezra Klein probes up-and-coming Republican star Rep. Paul Ryan on the economy. A good, civil exchange between two policy wonks at completely different ends of the political spectrum.

Here's the link. Go for the interview, stay for the always-entertaining comments at the end.

If the Republicans take the House in 2010, I think Paul Ryan may find himself on the top of several VP short lists in 2012.


"The Hammer" said...

"And with Republicans likely to pick up a lot of seats -- and maybe even the House -- in the upcoming election, he's soon to be one of the nation's most influential voices on economic policy."

And maybe even the House...MAYBE even the House. This smarmy little weasel needs to get out more.

"The Hammer" said...

Let me just say this. When RR took office he was forced to cut a deal with the obstructionists in Congress so his proposed tax cuts wouldn't take effect until AFTER the mid-term elections. During the run up to the election Reagan was pilloried in the press and by liberals as an idiot. Look they said, freedom doesn't work, just look. Then the tax cuts kicked in and the economy went ballistic (along with leftist's blood pressure).
Klein's argument that this will take a long time, is it worth it(?) is disingenuous in the extreme! What a pussy-ass, short pants wearing little punk. I'd like to pistolwhip the little ponce.
KNOW YOUR HISTORY. That's the best way to combat asswhipes like this.

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