Monday, July 5, 2010

Steele Must Go (yes, again)

RNC Chairman Michael Steele is a buffoon, and he has no place running the Republican Party.  His latest remarks on the War in Afghanistan reveal an ill-informed man who just doesn't know when to shut up.  It is time for the adults in the Party to come together and remove this man. 

As an aside--I've been working on a little defense and security insurgent effort, and I've been talking with Republicans in DC about the best place to site the effort.  Something like what I'm trying to do was stood up in the RNC in the late 70's, and served as a springboard for much of the defense policy that was passed in the Reagan Administration.  When I asked one guy in the know about such an effort under the RNC today--he said "not while Steele is there.  The man is radioactive". 

The Republican Party can no longer afford to have a man like this in charge. 


Sally said...

I agree he needs to go as well, although that ship sailed long before these latest comments. BUT, I think at this juncture they might as well keep him until his term ends in January. Push him out, and we run the risk of having him become David Frum, making the circuit trashing Republicans. That could be more damaging in the long run than merely letting the clock run out on his tenure.

BigFred said...

Who would you like to see with his/her hand on the throttle?

The Conservative Wahoo said...

Lynn Cheyney

Err N. Spelling said...

Why Why did you spell it Cheyney?

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