Friday, July 2, 2010

June Blog Stats

Total Visits: 3603 (3931 May)
Return Visits: 2846 (79%) (2969 May or 76%)
New Visitors: 757 (21% (959 (24%) May)
Average Time On Site: 3:13 (3:50 May)
Dec 2o09 Average Daily Visitors: 117
January 2010 Average Daily Visitors: 146
February 2010 Average Daily Visitors: 159
March 2010 Average Daily Visitors: 151
April 2010 Average Daily Visitors: 145
May 2010 Average Daily Visitors: 127
June 2010 Average Daily Visitors: 120

The precipitous decline in readership of the blog continues.  Hammer's right, I'm phoning it in.  You can track the decline in the number of posts in a month, basically tracking with a decline in readership.

On the good side of the ledger, we celebrated two years of blogging on June 25th!


Hammer's Mom said...

Maybe you should have Hammer share his wisdom by contributing posts. He's a very smart boy.

CW's mom said...

We want to add new people, not lose the ones we have.

Dan said...

Ahhh, yes, June 25th. Remarkable date in history, wouldn't you agree CW?

Doc Milnamo said...

GG was right, "...she's a cruel mistress."

Anonymous said...

one sided blogs tend to athrophy...

DavidB said...

"The precipitous decline in readership of the blog continues."
You neutered the RSS feed. That was what brought me here personally, but now that it is nothing but a list of Subject lines I've deleted it from my feed reader. Full feed RSS or don't bother offering RSS I say. Compelling content read on our own in the way we want to read it will drive readerships AND drive page views (we come to the site to comment), as well as get us sharing the content with our friends.

PLUS, Blogger's comment tools suck from a user perspective. There is no way for us to be engaged in the dialog as commentors. So you might get some "drive by" comments, but since I as a commentor here have no way (short of subscribing to Blogger myself?) of knowing a comment I left generated a reply, comment threads are never doing to generate sustained dialog (driving page views). I'm NOT going to subscribe to Blogger, and I'm NOT going to try to remember which articles I commented on to come back here repeatedly to check for replies to my comments, so I "drive by" drop a single comment and that's the end of it. I think you want more here, but you aren't going to get it with Blogger.

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