Friday, July 16, 2010

The Leak Is Stopped

For the first time since April 20th, the leak in the Gulf has stopped. Thanks be to God, BP and Thad Allen.  This accident (because that's what it was) represents an incalculable wound to the Gulf region--its inhabitants, its wildlife, and its ecosystem writ large.  It is also a huge blow to BP--the company may never come back, as the liability associated with this accident could easily bankrupt the company (but--I'd be long BP if I had a few extra dollars, for damn sure).

What I hope eventually comes out of this is a book that describes the Herculean efforts of BP Engineers and others to figure out a way to cap a well a mile below the surface of the ocean--an engineering feat worthy of great praise and accomplished under unbelievable pressure.

I also remain a huge fan of retired Admiral Thad Allen--the man who helped bring order to the chaos of Katrina and who provided the steady hand for the past three months. 

We should all be proud of what humans accomplished in order to right the accident humans likely caused. 

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"The Hammer" said...

Thank you Jesus. Now the President can hit the links in peace.

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