Thursday, July 29, 2010

Five Day A Week Mail Delivery

We've talked about limiting mail delivery to five days a week before, and it seems that the Postal Service is ready to approach Congress with the idea.  News here indicates that key Senators on the panel overseeing the Postal Service will oppose the change because of the "...hardship on people living in rural areas."

Is there any hope for reforming the rampant entitlement mentality of our nation when waiting until Monday to receive one's allotment from the direct mail industry is considered a "hardship"?

The Postal Service needs to control costs--cutting one day a week from the Service would save money.  This is a no-brainer.


Dear ol' Dad said...

Just who in the world said the postal service had to show a profit? It's government run, government funded, old bean. No stockholders to pay dividends or to keep happy. When I was a boy there were two mail deliveries six days a week and no one ever complained or took the post office to task.

"The Hammer" said...

Yeah well, when you were a boy FDR was Secretary of the Navy.

Newman said...

CW - In a few years, you'll regret having written this. It'll be a Friday night, Kitten will be purring and nuzzling up against you and you realize you, once again, failed to receive your Obama Care blue pills in today's mail. No worries, they'll almost certainly arrive in the next mail delivery...on Monday.

I wonder if you have to tell anyone if it stays limp for 72 hours.

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