Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Agenda For Tonight's Radio Show

Tune in to the Conservative Wahoo Live!  Tonight to discuss the following topics:

**Wikileaks/Afghanistan—damaging, non-story, or controlled leak?
**Shirley Sherrod, continued….
**The great tax hike of 2011
**Charlie Rangel Schadenfreude
**Senate GOP deals DISCLOSE a blow
**John Kerry’s Yacht
**TO, Ochocinco on the same team? (Bengals)

UPDATE:  Will lead off with my views of the Tim Pawlenty fundraiser I attended Monday night.

The call in number is 347.637.2203


Anonymous said...

won't be able to call in tonight, by look up the video from Sherrod's husband, ragging on whitey and uncle Toms. I found it on weaslezippers but I'm sure it's on youtube too. She is a racist married to a racist. But she's obama's type of racist.

Mudge said...

Anon - I've not seen the video so I haven't seen Sherrod's husband, but, by modern definition, she cannot be a racist and neither can her husband, unless of course, Mrs. Sherrod happens to be married to a white man.

C'mon, get enlightened you neanderthal!

"The Hammer" said...

He's a genocidal racist for even suggesting such a thing. What a pig. He's obviously Southern... or from Idaho.

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