Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sounding the Alarm on Dangers of a Lame Duck Congress

Wall Street Journal's John Fund spells out here the potential strategy of a lame duck Congress, should the anticipated blood bath come to fruition in November. Card check leads the pack, as well as a last hurrah for some of Congress' top porkers. And a climate bill is not out of the question, either.

There will be a desperation among some of the members who survive the November election to push through some of their priorities. Then there will be the members who are toast so they can legislate and vote with abandon. One would think that a smart Congressperson would proceed cautiously...but this particular body has shown very little interest in heeding the will of the people thus far. While it's kind of putting the cart before the horse, this may be something interesting to watch.

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"The Hammer" said...

All true, they're shooting the moon. Their underlying logic is if we get 'em by the balls their hearts and minds will soon follow. That's exactly what they are doing, trying to get us with cap and trade and nationalized industries and socialized medicine. They think we're Venezuela, God Damn their evil souls.
REPEAL should be every Republican's campaign slogan this fall.

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