Monday, October 25, 2010

Bailed Out Firms Giving To Republicans

Which is of course, double-plus bad, according to the bought and paid for media.  Ironic though, that the firms "bailed out" are often discussed in the context of having been bailed out in no small part to save a million--mostly  union jobs.  Yet the colossal money coming in from unions doesn't come under the same scrutiny.  Same again for public sector unions and their donations---was the stimulus not largely designed to aid states so that they could keep public sector union employees on the job?  Again--don't hold your breath on the BAPF media drawing this same comparison.


"The Hammer" said...

In my district Renee Ellmers and Bobby Ethridge had a thirty minute chat on WRAL. Etheridge defended the stimulus as saving nurses and firefighters and first responders (whatever the -uck that is), you know all the essential people, from the chopping block. Ellmers didn't call him on it and I damn near drop kicked the cat into the tv.

I. Todd Aytahapuddytat said...

Hammer - I am appalled at your near-willingness to "drop-kick [your] cat into the tv." Have you no sense of decency?

Anyone who would risk ruining a perfectly good television with a cat is not someone I care to meet.

Kaye Nyne said...

I second that emotion.

"The Hammer" said...

Good point. But I'm keeping that between me and my psychiatrist.

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