Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ponnuru and Lowry Analyze The Fall of the Democrats

National Review heavies Ramesh Ponnuru and Rich Lowry provide an outstanding review of the precipitous fall of the Democratic Party in the past two years.  It has been a series of mis-steps, over-reaches, mis-reading of mandates.  No incoming President in recent memory has been so favored--a pliant Congress, a fawning media--yet they blew it anyway. 

There is a lesson here for Republicans.  Many lessons, actually.

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"The Hammer" said...

There was no "misreading of the mandate". The Democrats always view a win, no matter how slim, as a "mandate" for their socialist BS. And when they lose it becomes a time for "bipartisan cooperation" and "working together" for the American people.

Two weeks from now that's all you're gonna hear...bipartisan cooperation. What this means is the Republicans better come around or it'll be gridlock, and guess who'll be blamed? But regardless, we ain't giving up any of the stuff we jammed through last time.

Look for the Dems to offer up a tort reform "compromise" on healthcare. They didn't put it in last time so as to keep the trial lawyers on the hook for the midterms and to keep the issue as a bargaining chip down the road. If the gov't is gonna run heathcare they are in no Goddamned way gonna allow a bunch of shysters to milk the Feds for the inevitable screw-ups (gee Mr. Jones, it was your gall bladder we were to remove?). And trust me when I tell you, the country club Republicans will jump on it like a duck on a June bug.

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