Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday Sports Roundup

Yes indeed folks, the Hoos have won three games this year and I've been there for all of them.  Won't get to go back again until Maryland on Nov 13, but a win between now and then will be a stretch.

No one wants to stay atop the college rankings--brother Sean may have committed seppuku with his beloved Sooners being the latest to gag on it.

Bret "Show me your willie" Favre had a chance to do it last night but fell short.

And for folks in DC, the 'Skins have already equaled the number of wins from last year.


"The Hammer" said...

The BCS is sweating bullets. All the big name schools seem to be going down like a UVA cheerleader on the team bus. If Oregon looses to USC then Boise State (pronounced Boy-see) would have to be #1. The last thing the BSC wants is Boise State in the National Championship game. They want two teams from the big conferences, not some piddley-ass little school from Idaho.
I have a different view. I think if Boise State goes undefeated they will have earned a spot, the Ohio States and Alabamas of the World not withstanding.

BigFred said...

Wisconsin beats the ohio state university and Iowa on consecutive weekends. UVA and Tech score wins. The Packers win, but more importantly the hated Chicago Bears lose to, of all people, the hapless Redskins. As my radio station put it this am, "Watching that game was like watching two homely girls argue over who was prettier."

It was fun, after all these games, to watch Fat Albert Haynesworth levitate over the line of scrimmage and save a touchdown.

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