Friday, October 8, 2010

Boys Sailing Weekend

Yes friends, it's that time of year again--time for the Boys Sailing Weekend.  The concept of operations is this--a group of the Kitten's friends--they were sailing instructors in the Caribbean together in their twenties--gets together somewhere on the east coast for a bit of a boys club sail.  We will get underway from Stamford, CT tomorrow morning, sail Long Island Sound, then overnight in Northport NY--before sailing back to Stamford on Sunday morning.

The Kitten--with whom these guys have have been fast friends for a long time--is a bit conflicted about the boys sailing weekend.  She's all for me becoming friends with these guys, but she's a little off-put by the gender exclusion. The good news is she's in CT this weekend too, and we'll rendezvous Sunday for a pierside brunch somewhere before I train back to DC (she'll stay in New England another night).


Mudge said...

I wonder how long it will be after you try to pull rank that the "boys" become "sideboys" to usher you aboard your new command: the dinghy in tow.

Either way, enjoy your brief return to sea duty.

The Conservative Wahoo said...

Mudge--here's an edited email I sent to the boys the other day:

Sailing Weekend Interested Parties,

I join Mr. XXXXX in exercising considerable restraint with regard to the regrettable, repeated behavior of Mr. XXXXX.

I must alter my rail reservation to terminate at Stamford. Once I have my arrival time, I will inform Fleet Operations so that my driver can meet me for further transfer to Fleet Landing. Suitable motorcoach, of course.

I trust my cabin is ship shape. I take my coffee at 0600, with appropriate sweeteners and warmed cream, you remember Ed, like you brought it to me on our last voyage. Additionally, I am partial to pheasant under glass on Saturday evenings, and I'm dreadfully uncertain that without Mr. XXXXXX on this voyage (my trusted private chef) such will be provided. I've arranged for my aide LT Malamamabyaya to drop off a gross of skeet for afternoon shooting, though I'll bring my own field piece.

As a reminder, only one salute each day is required underway, after which a simple "Good day, Commander" whilst touching the brim of the cap will do. No need to stand on tradition, what? Ashore of course, all required courtesies remain in force.

Until embarkation, I remain very truly yours,

Bryan McGrath
Commander USN

Victor Willis said...


Mudge said...

Wear your life jacket. You may have deselected for even ginghy command with that one.

T. Bennet Banks III said...

Enjoy your time with Biff, Chip, Tad, and Skip. And don't fret, I'm sure the Kitten will find plenty to do with Buffy, Muffy, Bootsy, and Blair.

BigFred said...

I assign you the "Balls to Six" watch (Midnight to 6AM), and you better have fresh coffee along with my wake up call.

Dan said...

I hope they gave you a clear glass mug for your coffee.

Very, very disappointed that you did not order the crew to report, "Request permission to strike eight bells on time" at the end of each watch.

Even more disappointed that Mudge had to have an Army puke point this out.

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