Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Seapower Manifesto

Here's something I've done on the other blog


BigFred said...

Not to be a fanboy, but I think you hit the long ball here. I'll send it to our Lunch Buddy and see what he says.

Mudge said...

I've been delinquent on many things of late but among them is giving you accolades for this important piece of work. It is a seriously professional piece and, as with any work of this magnitude and topic, not without controversy.

But that is what I particularly like about it. In every critical reply I read at Information Dissemination, all of which were VERY well-written and well-thought themselves, no where do the critics debate the need for US Navy primacy...or even, as far as I've read to date, that a slanting of the budget toward the Navy might not be in order. That the critics didn't take the easy tact of saying "we need a bigger Army (or Air Force)" or "we need to maintain budgetary parity" or any of the other usual arguments is a testimony to the strength of the way you presented your argument.

As it gains more traction, and it will, I am certain those arguments will arise, but that it was not the first reaction among critically-thinking people earns you an A. (I reserve the A+ for prettier students.)

Seriously, well done.

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