Friday, October 8, 2010

Dinesh D'Souza and Obama's Anti-Colonialism

Mr. D'Souza's out with another defense of his argument on why Obama has the policies and beliefs he does.  Read the article.  It is an interesting argument and I find myself nodding my head a bit, but....

Why does D'Souza think this is notable or important?  Are we all of a sudden to see Barack the son as the only example of where parental influence may have played a role in the political development of a child?  This dynamic is played out all over this country--the world perhaps--and for some reason, D'Souza believes it is notable here.

Again folks--we have PLENTY to go on in the actual POLICY choices the man is making, most of them bad.  We have no need to delve into the why's, especially when that inquiry comes off as Oprah-ish. 

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