Saturday, October 23, 2010

Chamber of Commerce Eclipsed By AFSCME

So long as it was the Chamber--contributing largely to Republican candidates who support a pro-business, pro-capitalist, pro-markets approach--the Obama Administration and the bought and paid for media (but I repeat myself) were apoplectic about the influence of all this money in the process.  Will we hear similar wails now that AFSCME has eclipsed the Chamber?  Don't hold your breath.


Mudge said...

Pretty sure that AFSCME has members who are Canadian citizens. And it absolutely has members who are Central American citizens. Wonder how well they are separating out their dues from these campaign ads/efforts so as to ensure no foreign influence in our election which IS against the law.
I'll bet Eric Holder and his Civil Rights/Voting Rights attorneys are hopping all over this one--just as soon as they finish prosecuting the New Black Panther thugs who stood outside the Philadelphia polls in 2008.
Yeah, that's gonna happen.

BigFred said...

I am going to go high and right on Holder and that story shortly, just waiting to collect by thoughts.

"The Hammer" said...

The way things are going we'll all be eligible for membership shortly. I just hope they have "economic criminals" like the Soviets used to have. Get your ass caught stealing or hustling, off to the gulag. I know whole classes of people I'd like to send to a gulag.

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