Friday, October 8, 2010

Now I Know Why Rudolph's Nose Is Red

Virginia's 1st Congressional District candidate Krystal Ball (I kid you not) has found herself at the center of a brewing controversy after pictures of the comely candidate dressed in, erhm, suggestive clothing fellating a red phallic device appeared on the internet.

A cautionary tale for those of you out there who have considered, or may be considering running for elective office at some point (I'm looking at you, CW).

As a public service, I've included the salacious photos here.


"The Hammer" said...

Wasn't there a movie along these lines a few years ago? Yeah there was. Some woman was running for Senate and they had her on tape applying for a job at AmTrak (you know, pulling trains). Oh it was just terrible that a youthful indiscretion could ruin a promising political career blah blah blah. I'd rather attend a "Flushed Away" marathon.
By the way, is that you GG with the thing on his nose?

Mudge said...

GG - I saw the same thing following CW's link from the earlier post. I thought about posting it but decided it was too risque for our conservative site. Now the threshold has been lowered even more. This is the slippery slope to liberalism and there's no turning back now. Might just as well fill this site with more and more pictures of exploited young women in various stages of undress. Go ahead, if that's your thing.

No, really, go ahead!

BTW, did you read the comment at that site "Q: Did you see that dildo over there? A: Yeah, but what's that on his nose?"

Tom de Plume said...

I went to ther web site and could not find any mention that she is a Democrat.

Someone ought to let her know that Obama and the Dems have already demonstrated their oral skills. It's when they take off the "nose" and use it to give America a screwing like they've done that we start to squeal a bit.

The Conservative Wahoo said...

I just want to bring to everyone's attention that this game and randy young woman is indeed a Wahoo!


"The Hammer" said...

I agree with CW, UVA has the best most agreeable skanks...though homely.

Hugh Jorgens said...


Makes one wonder why they go so readily for the fake stuff. I had heard their is a "shortage" of the real thing(s) in Charlottesville so this may explain the lady 'hoos being so conditioned.

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