Friday, October 29, 2010

Predictions-Election Night and the Day After

1. Thanks to that awful Gawker story, Christine O'Donnell garners some sympathy votes and while she still loses, it's much closer than anticipated.

2. The Alaska and Washington Senate races will go into overtime.

3. The Rent Is too Damn High Party candidate in New York gets a surprising number of votes.

4. Keith Olbermann's head will explode by 9 p.m.

5. On Wednesday, Charlie Crist will make the circuit telling the real story of what happened in the Clinton-Meek saga. No one will care all that much.

6. That cretin Alan Grayson will lose. I will cheer.

7. Rand Paul, Rubio, Angle and Ken Buck will win (Buck in a squeaker). But the media will focus on Joe Miller and Christine O'Donnell as proof that the Tea Party has no influence.

8. Rick Perry wins a a third term as Texas Governor. His hair will remain fabulous.

9. The prettiest member of the next Congress will be Kristi Noem of South Dakota. Her hair is not fabulous.

10. 'Rubio 2012' talk will begin on Wednesday. The Democrats' media enablers will sniff and dismiss the idea of a brand new senator with presidental ambitions. They will never notice the irony.

That's mine - what do you have?


Anonymous said...

Numbers 4 and 6 we can only hope it will be so.

Doc Milnamo said...


If the only one which comes to fruition is number 4, EPIC Win!


Mudge said...

Accurate AND funny, Sally. I've got nothing that can improve on that, but I will gladly join you from afar in cheering that jackass from 6 getting his due. I'd cheer 4 as well but aren't all the indications that #4 already happened years ago (just that the spatter was self-contained but the internal damage was clearly total)?

To de Plume said...

'fess up guys. We all googled Kristi Noem to see what she looks like. Sally's right. Good lookin', but Rick Perry has better hair.

Doc Milnamo said...

Guilty! There was one picture where her hair was a bit like Jane Fonda's character in Klute. It kind of flashed me back - I dug it.

Mudge said...

I'll fess up that I did look her up but it was some time ago when I learned she also ran a pheasant hunting lodge/service. I would have made reservations except that haircut reminded me of Jane Fonda as well and being reminded of Hanoi Jane while armed is a dangerous cocktail. Still, conservative, cute and in possession of her own pheasant hunting service...Ms. Noem gets Mudge's vote as the darned-near-perfect woman.

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