Friday, October 22, 2010

Big Fat Friday Free For All

Firstly, let me apologize for the paucity of blogging; as I 'splained earlier in the month, October's been a grind.  I hope to get back into things in a more representative way in a week or so.

Secondly, because I've been such a lazy slob in my blogging, I haven't heard much from you--so let 'er rip--get it off your chest--what's on your mind, people?


Mudge said...

Campaigner in Chief takes full blame for anger in the country.

Damned big of him.

Goes something like this:

I inherited a crisis of epic proportions. I acted decisively to stabilize the economy, solve health care, create or save jobs, etc and (here's the mea culpa) "didn't have time to do victory laps and explain to the American people how good all this was for them."

Awww, shucks. That's okay Mr. President. We're just a buncha ol' bumps on a log. We wouldn't unnerstand all that high falootin' cipherin' stuff ennyways. Looks to me we been pretty unfair on you and your'n.

At least that must be what he thinks we are for him to muster the hubris to say something as asinine (and condescending and, not to overlook, narcissistic) as that.

In this guy's world, he is the adult and we are the adolescents waiting for him to explain the complexities only comprehendable by breathing his rarified air.

I remain utterly astounded that my fellow countrymen and women elected this guy and that there was/is such a powerful and influential machine behind keeping him electable when, given the politically lethal baggage he carried (Rev Wright, William Ayres, zero experience, absentee voting record, ACORN association, etc etc), any other man or woman would have turned toxic at the national political level.

I almost wish we had elected Marion Barry. At least he would've been too busy chasing tail and snorting coke and (poorly) impersonating real Africans to have focused at all on the destructive acts of this Administration.

"The Hammer" said...

Well, we're gonna make some nice gains this election but the fact is the powers that be in the Republican Party had a Royal Flush and didn't have the damn sense to bet the hand and drag the pot.
I and many others have repeatedly said we need an agenda, a manifesto, a contract with America, something that ties all conservative candidates together, nationalizes the election, puts the Dems on the defensive and give people something to vote FOR! The gains we make will be entirely due to anti-socialist sentiment, and as a result we're leaving money on the table.

How and why did this happen? Simple, Republicans are warring with each other. The country-club Republicans are none too thrilled with the ascension of the Reagan wing of the party, as exemplified in the Tea Party movement. They go on about the "Big Tent" and how they're being excluded. But they put the lie to their rhetoric when they lose a primary (DE, AL) and then won't support the nominee. They not interested in the Big Tent they're interested in running the party. The only problem with country club Republicans is they; #1 govern like Democrats #2 typically lose to Democrats in elections.

If this election serves to purge the Party of the Judd Greggs and Olympia Snowes then it will have been worth it. If they remain in control we and the country are in deep trouble.

Doc Milnamo said...

Stupid me. I've been operating under the assumption (false obviously) that we have the right to associate with whomever we wish.

Moonbattery in Michigan

Doc Milnamo said...

I know it's no longer Friday, but I had to post this link:


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