Monday, October 18, 2010

Getting Out The Black Vote

Can anyone reading this blog imagine Republicans publicly talking about "getting out the White vote"?  I didn't think so.


"The Hammer" said...

Let 'em do their worst. I want 'em to know they gave it their best shot and it still didn't mean dick.

Tom de Plume said...

I like the boobs in the McCain photo better.

BigFred said...

No, no Republican would ask that, because it is racist. Agreeing with Der Hammer twice in one day is a record, but I want the Democrats everywhere to feel the Lidocaine "little stick, little burn" of defeat, and I want them to remember it. And I have been saying it since I started reading here, that 2008 was an anomaly, and Cousin Junebug is not going to vote in the mid-terms, and may not vote in 2010.

Hopefully Peggy Joseph has gotten the message that the Great Black Father in Washington, (to riff on a great Velociman post) cannot help her, and in fact has screwed up the future of her kids. Or as R. Lee Ermey said in Full Metal jacket to Pvt Pyle: You eat it. They are paying for it.

Mudge said...

Kerry looks almost as out of place here as he did wearing that hunting outfit with the tags still on it when he ran against Bush.

I don't know a single sportsman who even for a moment bought that ruse. He pretty clearly thought hunters weren't very smart. Wonder what this says about his view of blacks.

What a colossal rube.

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