Thursday, October 14, 2010

Impeach Obama?

Jonathan Chait is one of those hyperventilating, over-the-top liberals who thinks all conservatives are either dumb or criminal. 

He's just written this, in which he expects a Republican House of Reps to impeach the President.

I disagree.  The President's been the best friend Republicans have in growing the Party.  If he wins a second term, we'll certainly be ok with his continuing Republican membership drive efforts. 

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"The Hammer" said...

All looks yellow to the jaundiced eye (one of my original quotes I made up myself...alone). The Dems are nothing if not paranoid. They expect their political opponents to be as unprincipled, underhanded and as low as they are; so, why wouldn't the Republicans use impeachment as a political tool. They're thinking remember last time, Bill Clinton's impeachment was pure political theater. So what if the Arkansas Supreme Court stripped him of his law license for "misstatements", that was politics too.
The fact is these idiots are scared sh-tless. Just wait until Nov. 3rd. and the spectacle they will make of themselves: The finger pointing, the recriminations, the old grudges coming to the surface. My God, it'll be like an episode of the Hell's Kitchen. I can't wait.

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