Friday, October 8, 2010

The GOP and Black Voters

The Washington Post's Eugene Robinson has an interesting Op-Ed this morning.  I am not normally drawn to Robinson's work, but the title of this one caught my eye:  "Why Won't the GOP Compete for African-American Votes".  

In it, he concedes "monolithic" support for the Democratic Party among African-Americans, and then puts forward the notion that this is "perfectly rational political behavior" because of the community's affinity for "progressive" politics. 

Is it not then, also perfectly "rational" political behavior for the GOP to then pass on the opportunity to pour good money after bad in trying to attract the black vote?  If--as Robinson would have us believe--the cost of more black voters would include embrace of progressive ideals and the politics of racial vicitmhood (expressed here as: "Such an initiative would begin with an acknowledgement of the specific problems that African Americans face -- including the legacy of centuries of oppression and discrimination -- and a proffer of policies to address those problems. But this would contradict the GOP's dogmatic stance that government should be severely limited in its ambition"), well then frankly, I say pass on the opportunity.  Just be more like the Democrats and black people will vote for you--this is Robinson's message, and it is a loser for the Party.  Reach out to African-Americans.  Recruit AA candidates.  Continue to explain that while all of government is not bad, too much of government robs the individual of that which makes a society great and prosperous.  But don't pander.  Don't try to look like the other guys just to be popular. 

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"The Hammer" said...

I'll read the article later but off the top of my head why would the GOP waste resources on any group they have no hope of winning?
Do you know how much money is going into the black community now? Any idea a all? Well let me answer that for you...TONS! And not just the social safety net stuff, that's for the scumbags, but grants and bullshit jobs in a million different ways and methods. Where do you think all that stimulus money went, to stimulate the economy? F-OFF! It went into the pockets of Obama our expense.

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