Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Obama The Snob

Michael Gerson thinks the President is an intellectual snob.  Here's a key paragraph from his argument:

"What must Democrats trying to compete in Pennsylvania or Ohio think when they hear Obama make arguments such as these? Do they realize the tremendous mistake they have made, tying their political fortunes to a leader who makes Michael Dukakis, Al Gore and John Kerry look like prairie populists in comparison?"

Brother Tom continues to wonder aloud what we should do with all these Democrats who are coming forward and admitting the mistake they made in their Obama-mania.  He realizes of course, that the path to electoral victory is to embrace them, to let them know there are no hard feelings.  But the urge to say, "Just what the hell did you THINK would happen?" is almost overwhelming.

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"The Hammer" said...

I want to strangle them. Many of us knew at the time this was a huge mistake but these folks drank the Kool Aid, they would not be reasoned with. One of my guys (a worker whose labor I exploit for profit) when asked what he thinks now wouldn't talk about it. Typically, he threw up his arms saying "I don't care".

Look here's the thing, most people, if they have an interest, think they know something about politics, when in fact they don't know squat. They follow opinion leaders in entertainment, sports etc. Most people don't like to be told they were conned, especially when they have thousands of media people more than willing to tell them they're weren't.

I have never mastered the art of telling someone they're a friggin' idiot and thanks to their idiocy they have allowed idiots to nearly ruin the country. Any suggestions?

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