Friday, July 8, 2011

2011: A Budget Odyssey

Via Allahpundit:

If Treasury were to decide to delay payments, it would need to re-program government computers that generate automatic payments as they fall due — a massive and difficult undertaking. Treasury makes about 3 million payments each day.

Hat tip: Iowahawk.

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"The Hammer" said...

Have you ever noticed whenever there's a big budget showdown be it state, local or federal the leftist always try to scare folks with a loss of essential services. At the local level they go on about how we'll have to lay off cops and firemen etc.

So predictably this week in DC one of the first things mentioned was social security; plastered on all the papers and internet. Now SS and medicare are absolutely in trouble, but not so immediate as the Obama/Pelosi/Reid spending juggernaut confrontation. But the Dems want to spend more, you know, because the first stimulus wasn't BIG enough (nevermind that it's been tried before by FDR, the Japanese and probably the God-damned Romans, and it didn't work then). Spend baby spend, that's always the answer with these fools.

I did like what Buchanan said however. He said look, screw these talks, it's all bullshit, just pass a budget with a modest increase in the debt limit, no tax increases and across the board spending cuts and send it over to the Senate. Then the onus, political and otherwise, is on Obama and Reid. Right!

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