Thursday, July 21, 2011

Three Day A Week Mail Delivery? No Problem

Here's a USA Today interview with the Postmaster General in which he lets us know once again that Saturday mail delivery is basically on its way out, and we could be in for three day a week delivery of mail within fifteen years.  Ladies and gentlemen, it is not time to take to the barricades in defense of our human rights--I might as well get my dump of useless commercial mailings three days a week rather than a daily dose of ridiculous as I get it today.  Very, very little important mail comes my way through the US Postal Service anymore, and I imagine you're the same way.  I am--however--somewhat concerned that one of the reasons USPS is hemorrhaging money is its pension fund--perhaps another case of public sector benefits running amok? 

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Anonymous said...

Three day a week mail delivery would kills the USPS as shippers moved all remaining business to other private shippers who would still deliver six or seven days a week. Sadly USPS is counting on anti terrorism funds for its survival. Since when has a plan consisted of cutting services for survival?

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